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LCD material new armed forces---daily-polymerTN,STN-LCD Alignment film Starts to enter the china market

   In recent years,The LCD material appeared new armed forces---Taiwan daily polymer.
This puts up a factory in Taiwan kaoshung had more than 30 year historical chemical big plants through own diligently gradually to develop the LCD material important supplier.
Now daily PI (also names Alignment film or orientation uneven) and LC entered the China market comprehensively,The product uses in TN,STN-LCD。
   Daily polymer Industry company, For Taiwan history glorious and of synthetic resin specialized manufacturer well-knownness;The main product includes Alkyd resin, polypropylene diethylene glycol dinitrate resin fat, not saturated polyester resin and star product - TFT LCD uses Alignment film, is producer of the Taiwan only Alignment film.
   This company chairman WU TEH YI Is the Taiwan University agriculture chemistry department graduation,Itself is the technical branch is builds up, has the quite complete experience in the chemical field. Because this company controls the tube and the research and development sustaining power strictly in the quality, surpasses above certain standard, Therefore prepares the field was affirmed, and holds the small space in the market.
The photoelectricity science and technology produces especially quantity of with the resin, strengthens competition status this company, at present producer of for the Only Taiwan's alignment film material producer, future will grow the potential deep paroxysm, the prospects for development, quite will be worth anticipating.
WU TEH YI indicated that, the enterprise operators essential must have the crisis to realize, so the company can continue forever to develop, Speaking of the company, the establishment already 30 years, In order to cause the company to advance to another stage the development, in under original product continually development, also once again grinds the courtyard technical collaboration with the labor to develop TFT LCD Alignment film ,Future will be the technical industry must one of utilization materials and equipment, It is estimated that the next year the June official quantity will produce, but TN STN already started the quantity to produce.

Edition: Terry Lee

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