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Daily Polymer becomes Taiwan first simultaneously to supply the liquid crystal and the Alignment film manufacturer

   Daily Polymer from 2000, namely starts to carry on upstream the liquid-crystal display the key material Alignment film research and development. After passes through the near 3 years diligently, the company produces TN-LCD uses Alignment film material, already through Taiwan and China majority liquid crystal panel manufacturer product authentication,And expands continually produces goods. But STN-LCD with Alignment film material, also through the partial liquid crystal panel manufacturer authentication, started the small amount in January to produce goods for the china area manufacturer.
   This company after Alignment film material sale achieved the preliminary result, knew Japanese Fuji Pigment Joint-stock company, has the production liquid crystal (Liquid Crystal) the material 30 remaining years of life history manufacturer, Also is the Japanese liquid crystal material production trail blazer, intended to seek the partner, after both sides passes through consults several times, confirmed the bilateral cooperation was may create the double thin aspect, therefore together signed of technical collaboration and the shifting contract the related liquid crystal material.
   This company after completes the liquid crystal material the investment production, will become Taiwan first to be possible simultaneously to supply the liquid-crystal display key material - liquid crystal and the Alignment film manufacturer.

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