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The Daily Polymer liquid crystal delivers the type to demonstrate the equipment plant authenticates

   The Daily-Polymer liquid crystal product impels the authentication continually, In existing TN, outside the STN industry, the company also will deliver the type in the near future to the TFT-LCD factory authentication, Expected the benefit will soon display.
   Daily Polymer indicated, At present including about liquid crystal electronic department composition overall earning 10%, The supply manufacturer is TN, the STN factory, the TFT domain then not yet strides in, In order to complete industrial the layout, the company also will impel the TFT-LCD factory in the near future the authentication.
   This company and expressed, TFT-LCD application including NB, MONITOR, cell phone and TV, In which take TV as the most large amount, for the centralism resources develop the market, At present the company only delivers the type on the MONITOR industry, The TV part, in the short-term still did not have the ample force to attack.
   This company main product is ALKYD RESIN, polyacrylate, Unsaturated Polyester Resins and Other resin, Accounts for the earning proportion approximately 48.45%, 21.80%, 19% and 2.7%, The annual production can approximately 2.3 - 24,000 metric tons, If passes through three class of working overtime rushing a job, produces can be possible to enhance to 30,000 metric tons, The product produces can and the demand change is not big, The downstream biggest application end all concentrates in the electronic material and the paint industry, The biggest customer including Hua LI 11%, YONG JI 6-7%, other customers quite is dispersible.
   Daily Polymer yearly produces the liquid crystal 12 metric tons at present, The product becomes from chemistry raw material synthesis, Has the reaction rate quick and the voltage low status merit, Because the Taiwan market the scale is small, the main force market still suspended in China, At present mainland China many from Japanese and German import liquid crystal, Causes daily-polymer to develop the mainland china market quite to have the point of application ,The volume of exports has reached above 50%,But the electronic dictionary, PDA, cell phone and so on need to the liquid crystal STN manufacturer, Mostly uses daily-polymer the liquid crystal.


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