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Taiwan Daily Polymer develops successful LCD to use vertical Alignment film material (VA)

   Taiwan daily polymer industrial corporation and Taiwan industrial technology research institute material institute, Cooperates the development liquid-crystal display (Liquid Crystal Display, LCD) to use “vertical Alignment film together material (VA)”, has developed successfully, And has had the technical ability which the commercialization quantity produces, Enables daily polymer Corporation further to become may provide TN-LCD, STN-LCD and TFT-LCD use Alignment film Material specialized supply manufacturer.
   On February 4, 2004, the company conducts the product achievement publication meeting, develops entire series LCD to the outside referral center which completes to use the Alignment film material.
   Alignment film for entrusts with the liquid crystal member directivity in the LCD main function, Enables the liquid crystal according to the unidirection arrangement, Forms the pre-inclination angle ,And after electric field vanishing, Enables the liquid crystal to reply the originally condition, If does not have the Alignment film function, the liquid crystal will assume arrangement the with an improper method tropism ,In other words, LCD will lose its photoelectricity nature, Can be unable to demonstrate, Thus it can be seen, Alignment film holds the pivotal status in LCD.
   But Daily Corporation After has the quantity to produce the technical ability, Not only can improve the product delivery date which the Taiwan LCD panel manufacturer encounters now, ship, preservation, price and technical service and so on questions, May promote the Taiwan LCD industry material the independency, then construction integrity industrial structure.
   When “vertical Alignment film material (VA)” applies on the vertical monitor, will be able to have the higher light penetration compared to the common liquid-crystal display, the quicker response speed and merits and so on broader visible angle, Therefore vertical monitor multi-achievement liquid crystal (LCD TV) Or the upscale liquid-crystal display (LCD MONITOR) uses panel.
   Is increasingly big along with the global electrical appliances market to the LCD TV demand, when liquid crystal panel production needs each item of material relatively will also grow, Always grinds the organization according to Fuji the forecast, In 2004 global VA Alignment film total market value, Might amount to the 1,5 hundred million Taiwan dollar.

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