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Daily Polymer invests the LCD key material positively

;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The success develops Alignment the film and liquid crystal to grip the good foundation for the photoelectricity industry
;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;On cabinet company daily-polymer Corporation By industrial used synthetic resin gradually in market establishment well-knownness In recent years for assisted the photoelectricity industry raw material supply,Positive investment Alignment film (polyimide resin) and liquid crystal research and development manufacture, At present the product quality is stable, opens the international market gradually.
;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Daily Polymer Corporation General Manager HONG XIAN YI indicated, This company recent years and Japan technical collaboration, Introduction liquid crystal production technology and equipment, Becomes the Taiwan first quantity to produce the liquid crystal the company, The quality technique stabilizes maturity in the near future, The STN liquid crystal opens the international market gradually, The turnover assumes the multiple growth, In the research and development team diligently under, the technology gradually promotes to the TFT liquid crystal development in, may grip the good foundation for the Taiwan photoelectricity industry.
;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Alignment film and liquid crystal, Is the key material which liquid-crystal display (LCD) uses, moreover the total admires the overseas import, Obtains the cost to be relatively high, daily-polymer Corporation by the coating, then the medicinal preparation builds up with the synthetic resin, Has the suitable foundation to the material technology, Therefore after obtains the related technology, the following research and development achievement is remarkable, The quality also gradually compares favorably with the international big plant, The international order form also steady grows.
;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Taiwan's electron material handling nearly all is the overseas manufacturer at present the world, In addition LCD selects trades the speed to be very quick, How improves the liquid crystal material to satisfy the customer market demand, is test on material supplier's strict, This company for has the competitive power in the market, Besides grinds the courtyard technical collaboration with the Taiwan labor, And establishes the research and development center in US, Does for researches and develops talented person's training and the market development uses, Therefore at present stands greatly in the liquid crystal and Alignment film and so on researches and develops oneself to tread the success the first step, Future will have paroxysmally becomes the permanent benefit base.

Economics Daily /WU GUO DONG

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