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Daily-Polymer Corporation history

1971 1971 R&D Department was established. Alkyd resin, Emulsion production started.
1972 1972 Taipei branch office was established.
1973 1973 Solvent-Based Acrylic resin production started.Taichung branch office was established.
1977 1977 Acrylic Emulsion for cement paint and for non-woven fabric production started.
1980 1980 Amino resin production started. Management information system by computer started.Yong-Ann plant was being constructed.
1984 1984 Extended the facilities of Yong-Ann plant to expand the capacity of Alkyd resins.
1985 1985 Introduced K/H from Japan Showa High Polymer Co., Ltd. to expand the production of Emulsions for Non-woven, Fabric, Flocking, Adhesive, PSA
1986 1986 Cooperated with famous foreign Paint Company for OEM production of resins for paints.
1990 1990 Introduced K/H from Nippon Shokubai Chemical Co., Ltd. to produce and sale Unsaturated polyester resin.
1994 1994 Fulfilled the requirements of quality assurance specified as ISO 9002.
1999 1999 Cooperated with Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to research Alignment Materials for LCD.
2000 2000 Began the sale of Alignment Materials for LCD.
2001 2001 Electro-optic Building was constructed.
2003 2003 Cooperated with Fuji Pigment Corp. to produce LC.
2004 2004 The China-South sales & sale office to establish at Dong Guan, China.
2005 2005 TFT R&D Department was established at the United states of America .
2005 2005 The China-East sales & sale office to establish at Shanghai, China.

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