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The Daily Polymer liquid crystal quantity produces the legal person is shown loving concern

   The resin builds up Daily Polymer(4716), Invests TFT-LCD panel and STN-LCD panel positively “the liquid crystal” the domain, Opens the international market gradually.
   According to the understanding, the global liquid crystal market still discussed at present by the date CHISSO and the German business MO KE and so on the minority big plant monopolizes, Daily Polymer could infiltrate supplies the chain already is not the simple achievement, although the official big order form not yet succeeds in obtaining, but already caused legal person's fighting for, will pull out a wave strong rising trend in the near future.
   Daily Polymer builds up from the resin industry, The main product includes Alkyd resin, Alkyd resin, Unsaturated polyester resins ,polyacrylate, Has occupied the earning nearly 90%, approximately only occupies about 7% as for the liquid crystal part, was not still big to the achievement contribution.
   But the legal person indicated that, the liquid crystal domain enters the barrier to be extremely high, Mainly is the formula and the patent card hand of in the international big plant, but daily-polymer passes through three, four years doing farm work, opens the market gradually, also is the domestic present only investment liquid crystal manufacturer, therefore will favor is the future growth space.
   Looked from the Daily Polymer achievement numeral that, truly also is so. According to this company from the knot, in October still was small owes 1,200,000 Yuan, in front of first in October tax earnings 20,000,000 Yuan, in front of each tax earnings 0.4 Yuan, Also can pull out a wave strong increase scope by this result, will reflect is the short-term market spreads this company to attain the panel big plant authentication to concern.
   Daily Polymer this wave rises from the late November 16.7 Yuan, although yesterday by slightly fell 0.45 Yuan, 27.3 Yuan does receives, but the wave band increase scope still reached as high as 63%, since native place legal person this week largely has increased price 700 mainly pushes the lifting force quantity

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