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The Daily Polymer electron material harvests happy

   Daily-polymer is the domestic synthetic resin specialized factory, In 2001 established the electronic material services department, Investment photoelectric material liquid crystal (LC) and LCD use the Alignment-film material the production; At present Alignment-film has succeeded supplies Taiwan TN the LCD factory to need, but TET LCD is accepting in the domestic big manufacturer authentication with Alignment-film, this company is quite optimistic to the product prospect.
   daily-polymer indicated that, this company material market layout has completed in the liquid crystal and LCD with the Alignment film, and strives for the country, inside and outside every year near 15,000,000,000 Yuan market opportunity positively, At present LCD with the Alignment-film material annual production can be 48,000 metric tons, the liquid crystal annual production can be 12,000 metric tons, has supplied the domestic STNLCD factory to need, But TFT LCD is accepting the domestic manufacturer with Alignment-film in the authentication test, the quality receives quite affirmed, estimated year by year will march into the crop time.
   daily-polymer last year (93) the whole year earning was 1,000,070,000 does 9,000,000 Yuan, After tax earnings 30,000,000 Yuan, after each tax net gain 0.66 Yuan, In which sets up newly although electronic material services department turnover contribution only then hors d'oeuvres 2,000,000 Yuan, but still 92 year grew 40 ﹪, This year (94) completes the authentication and under china order form continually warming in the product, estimated the earning may grow a time, amounts to 80,000,000 Yuan, and the close profit and loss are balanced, Along with LCD industry vigorous development and essential spare part purchase manufacture domestically tendency, This department achievement might increase progressively year by year, future will hope the golden rooster mother who into this company will make a profit.
   Alignment film the main function for entrusts with the liquid crystal member directivity in LCD, enables the liquid crystal according to the unidirection arrangement, forms the pre-inclination angle, And after electric field vanishing, enables the liquid crystal to reply the originally condition, If does not have the Alignment film function, the liquid crystal will assume arrangement the with an improper method tropism, In other words, LCD will lose its photoelectricity nature, i.e. will be unable to demonstrate, thus it may be known, Alignment - film will hold the pivotal status in LCD.
   After daily-polymer Corporation has the quantity to produce the technical ability, in the fast service, the delivery date, ships and so on under the superiority, not only can improve the question which LCD the panel manufacturer encounters now, may promote independency of the domestic material, Supplies the chain to the LCD industry the integrity to have the contribution.

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