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In 2006 the Taipei FPD photoelectricity unfolds 2006-06-12



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      After the for many years endeavor, this company has completed on the other day develops the entire series(TN、STN and TFT) liquid-crystal display(Liquid Crystal Display, is called LCD) to use the liquid crystal with to Alignment film Material, and has had the technical ability which the commercialization quantity produces, becomes Taiwan first to be possible simultaneously to supply the liquid crystal and Alignment film Material specialized manufacturer.
      Liquid-crystal display (LCD), as the name suggests, is by “the liquid crystal” took monitor of its key element, the use liquid crystal unique photoelectricity characteristic, achieves the demonstration the effect. Along with the technical unceasing progress, and the slender its low consumption electricity, does not have the radiation….Merits, Its application domain unceasing is also developed, at present has become mainstream of product each kind of monitor.
      However Alignment film the main function entrusts with the liquid crystal directivity in LCD, enables the liquid crystal according to the unidirection arrangement, forms the pre-inclination angle, and after electric field vanishing, enables the liquid crystal to reply the originally condition, if has not Alignment film function, the liquid crystal will assume arrangement the with an improper method tropism, In other words, LCD will lose its photoelectricity nature, also is unable to demonstrate. (Lcd internal structure, Please refer to the following graphical representation).

      Penetrates the above simple introduction, may know the liquid crystal and Alignment film these two item of materials, holds the pivotal status in LCD,But the minor defect in something otherwise perfect is,These two item of materials nearly must at present by the overseas import, But this company after the process for many years diligently research and development, has completed TN-LCD, STN-LCD and TFT-LCD one after another uses the liquid crystal with to Alignment film Material, And has the quantity to produce the technical ability, Not only can speed up with the LCD kneading board manufacturer between the cooperation speed, may promote independency of the domestic material, then construction integrity industrial structure.
      Liquid crystal of product this company,May depend on need of the LCD panel manufacturer, mixes has the high contrast, the fast reply, the low pressure actuation, the high dependability….And so on photoelectricity characteristic ;As for Alignment film product, then has Gao Pei to, the low power loss, the high dependability, spreads the cloth good….And so on characteristic,Also because this company's product has the above outstanding photoelectricity performance, in addition long-term and between panel manufacturer close coordination,Product well-knownness and customer confidence degree, middle fast promotion,Japanese famous clock and watch group and electronic accounting machine group,All has become this company the customer, is the real diagnosis. Ends up to May, 2006 This company TN and STN-LCD use the liquid crystal with to Alignment product, already successfully and sells stably gives Taiwan, Japanese and mainland China and so on areas, Approximately 70 about panel manufacturers, in sales quantity and customer number also gradually expansion.
      Researches and develops the technology along with this company to strive unceasingly, TFT-LCD uses the liquid crystal and Alignment film, also has completed the development,But this company not by this complacent, will continue to develop unceasingly conforms to the customer demand product, and further will form the partnership with the panel manufacturer, will achieve the win-win aspect because of each other growth.
      This company since has established namely is grasping『Forever、Innovation、Service、Harmony』the harmonious management idea, also understood profoundly the product and the technical unceasing innovation is the company continues forever foundation of the development Therefore the company from sets up The initial period Coating、Then the medicinal preparation uses the synthetic resin,Develops today photoelectricity product to use chemistry material gradually,And became on the stock in March 27, 2000 the cabinet company What persisted is the unceasing innovation and the progress, then creation society, company, staff and shareholder's biggest benefit. Now this company completes entire series LCD to use the liquid crystal and Alignment film material development, Besides may expand transport business scale, representative also was the company has forward entered into a new domain and the era ,The trust near future, will have to be possible to bring a new aspect and the turning point under this foundation for the company.

News release(2006/06/12)

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