Daily Polymer Corporation

Daily-Polymer Corp. was established in 1970. Since then the synthetic resin for paints and adhesives has been our main products, and we have received much encouragement and cooperation from customers these years.

Emulsion Resins For Paints

Daily Polymer Corporation continues to be recognized by international corporations as trustworthy and innovative partner, and aiming to be one of top international Emulsion Resins For Paints manufacturer in the near future. Our company has been specializing in manufacturing Resins for Paints for many years, offering Polymer Materials, etc.
You can also visit Daily Polymer Corporation's showroom where you can find excellent performance Emulsion Resins For Paints. Please contact our sales office in Taiwan to discuss the suitability of Polymer Materials or email us for more information. If you have questions, comments, feedback, or ideas please let us know.