Daily Polymer Corporation

Daily-Polymer Corp. was established in 1970. Since then the synthetic resin for paints and adhesives has been our main products, and we have received much encouragement and cooperation from customers these years.

Conductive Polymer, PEDOT Supplier in Taiwan

The biggest advantage of conductive polymers and pedot are their processability, mainly by dispersion. conductive polymers and pedotare generally not thermoplastics, they are not thermoformable. conductive polymers are already used in fuel cells, computer displays and microsurgical tools, and are now finding applications in the field of biomaterials.
Electrically Conductive Polymers and pedot materials have recently attracted considerable interest from academic and industrial researchers to explore their potential in biomedical applications such as in biosensors, drug delivery systems, biomedical implants and tissue engineering. We keep our customers informed and deliver timely results through seamless program management, global certification guidance, and dependable manufacturing.