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Daily-Polymer Corp. was established in 1970. Since then the synthetic resin for paints and adhesives has been our main products, and we have received much encouragement and cooperation from customers these years.

DAILIC Acrylic Resin, DAILIC Acrylic Resin

Daily Polymer Corporation is a leading provider of DAILIC Acrylic Resin and performance products and is recognized throughout the Chemical Products industries for its complete selection, superior customer care, and fast delivery. In addition to DAILIC Acrylic Resin, Acrylic Resin, resin, resins, daily-polymer, daily polymer, we also specialize in providing DAILIC Acrylic Resin.

DAILIC Acrylic Resin

DAILIC Acrylic Resin

Description :

TYPE Code Solvent Features Applications
Thermoplastic   AC -1000C Xylene Excellent alkali resistance, Gloss, Easy to daub. For concrete paints.
AC-1000AN Toluene, Xylene, n-Butyl acetate Gloss, Alkali resistance
AC-1100 Aromatic Naphtha-100, Toluene, VM&P Naphtha Low viscosity, Alkali resistance, High gloss
AC-1200 Xylene Anti-blocking, Adhesion, Dispersibility Paints for container, marine.
AC-1600 Aromatic Naphtha-100 Weather resistance, Alkali resistance For concrete paints.
AC-3000AK Xylene、Toluene、n-Butanol Adhesion, Toughness, Dispersibility Lacquer paints for metal, plastics, and woods.
AC-3095 Xylene, n-Butyl acetate Hardness, Adhesion, Fast drying.
AC-3700 Toluene Hardness, Adhesion, Weather resistance, Fast drying. Supply features of lacquers and polyurethane paints for metal, plastics, and woods. 
AC-3700S n-Butyl acetate Aromatic solvent free,  Hardness, Adhesion, Weather resistance. Aromatic-free solvent lacquers for metal, plastics, and woods.
AC-3403 Toluene, i-Butanol Hardness, Abrasion, Alcohol resistance. Lacquer paints for plastics.
AC-3406 Toluene, Xylene, i-Butanol Gloss, Pigment dispersibility.
Thermosetting AC-4501C Xylene, n-Butanol, PMA Physical property, Flexible, Adhesion. Baking enamel paints for home electric appliances, general purpose metal.
AC-4502 Xylene, n-Butanol Hardness, Gloss, Chemical resistance.
AC-4600 Xylene, n-Butanol, PMA Impact resistance, Physical property, Pigment dispersibility.
AC-4610 Xylene, PMA High solid, Physical property , Toughness.
AC-6000WB Butyl cellosolve, i-Propanol Adhesion, Flexible. Varnish for can coating, water soluble baking paints, low-temperature baking paints.
AC-6001WB Butyl cellosolve, i-Propanol Adhesion, Hardness, Salt Spary
Acrylic polyol AC-5030 Toluene, n-Butyl acetate Fast drying, Hardness. For lacquers and polyurethane paints.
AC-5060 Toluene, n-Butyl acetate Fast drying, Hardness, Good silver arrayed.
AC-5066 Xylene, n-Butyl acetate Fast drying, Good compatibility, Yellowing resistance, Good compatibility with Bayer polyisocyanate hardener. Paints of PU resin for wood with alkyd resin.
AC-5068 Xylene, PMA Weather resistance, Yellowing resistance, Water resistance, Pigment dispersibility. Polyurethane paints for plastics with automobile and motorbike.
AC-5076 Xylene, n-Butyl acetate Adhesion, Hardness, Chemical resistance. Paints of PU resin for the electroplate plastic top coating.
AC-5085 Xylene, n-Butyl acetate Ultra fast drying, Hardness, Chemical resistance Polyurethane paints for metals, wood and plastics.
AC-5285 Xylene, n-Butyl acetate, PMA   Fast drying, Hardness, Solvent resistance Polyureathane paints for metals, wood and plastics. Polyureathane paints for general purpose.
AC-5285S n-Butyl acetate, PMA Ultra fast drying, Hardness, Solvent resistance , Aromatic solvent free.
AC-5080 Xylene, PMA Weather resistance, Fast curing , Yellowing resistance, Handness. Polyureathane paints for general purpose. For ABS, repair for automobile.
AC-5100 Xylene, PMA Pigment dispersibility, CAB Compatibility
AC-5101 Xylene, PMA, DBE Gloss, Flexible, Weather resistance Top coat for general purpose.
AC-5102 Xylene, n-Butyl acetate High gloss( Specular gloss),Weather resistance, High solid.
AC-5120 Xylene, PMA Flexible, Solvent resistance, Weather resistance Soft P.P. or other soft compound.
AC-5180 Xylene Fast drying, Chemical resistance. Coating for metal, wood.
AC-5500 Xylene, PMA High gloss, Pigment dispersibility, Hardness, Easy to daub.
AC-5240 Xylene Weather resistance, Compatibility with GK-570 Resin for baking enamel and polyurethane paint with fluorocarbon resin GK-570.

Specification :

TYPE Code Solid Content (%) Viscosity
(G.H / 25° C)
Acid Value (Solid) Tg (℃) Compatibility
1/4" NC 1/2" CAB
Thermoplastic     AC-1000C 50 Z1 ≦ 1 ≦9 53
AC-1000AN 54 Z5 ≦ 1 ≦8 57
AC-1100 50 Y ≦ 1 ≦9 53
AC-1200 50 U ≦ 1 ≦8 46
AC-1600 50 Z3 ≦ 1 ≦ 3 43
AC-3000AK 50 Z ≦ 1 ≦1 50
AC-3095 63 Z4 ≦ 1 ≦7 95
AC-3700 50 Z ≦ 1 ≦7 54
AC-3700S 50 YZ ≦ 1 ≦7 54
AC-3403 50 Z ≦ 1 ≦4 65
AC-3406 50 Z ≦ 1 ≦6 48
Thermosetting AC-4501C 50 U ≦ 1 ≦12
AC-4502 50 U ≦ 1 ≦11
AC-4600 60 Z ≦ 1 ≦10
AC-4610 70 Z1 ≦ 1 ≦10
AC-6000WB 50 O ≦ 1 ≦ 103
AC-6001WB 55 Z3 ≦ 1 ≦108
Acrylic polyol AC-5030 55 Z ≦ 1 ≦8 68 OHV=30(solid)
AC-5060 55 ZZ1 ≦ 1 ≦8 68 OHV=60(solid)
AC-5066 50 ZZ1 ≦ 1 ≦6 68 OHV=66(solid)
AC-5068 60 Z2 ≦ 1 ≦ 11 45 OHV=68(solid)
AC-5076 60 Z2Z3 ≦ 1 ≦4 44 OHV=76(solid)
AC-5085 50 Y ≦ 1 ≦7 92 OHV=85(solid)
AC-5285 60 Z4 ≦ 1 ≦5 92 OHV=85(solid)
AC-5285S 60 Z4Z5 ≦ 1 ≦5 92 OHV=85(solid)
AC-5080 60 Z3 ≦ 1 ≦10 50 OHV=80(solid)
AC-5100 60 Z1 ≦ 1 ≦10 39 OHV=100(solid)
AC-5101 70 Z5 ≦ 1 ≦10 25 OHV=100(solid)
AC-5102 70 Z3 ≦ 1 ≦10 15 OHV=100(solid)
AC-5120 60 X ≦ 1 ≦10 25 OHV=120(solid)
AC-5180 60 Z4 ≦ 1 ≦8 53 OHV=80(solid)
AC-5500 60 Z ≦ 1 ≦10 39 OHV=132(solid)
AC-5240 65 Z5Z6 ≦ 1 ≦5 30 OHV=40(solid)

Safety/Quality Approvals :

Grinding binder for color concentrates, suitable for tinting base and color clear coat.
Lacquer paints for metal, plastics, and woods.

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